"Angel brought to public service a sense of efficiency with her ability to see past red tape and offer solutions. That efficiency combined with her exceptional ability to communicate with a broad and diverse range of people made her very effective during her service in municipal government."
Local Law Enforcement Officer

"Angel is an attentive and diligent asset to the Winfield Chamber Board of Directors. She consistently generates innovative ideas and follows through with productive action to increase the value of the chamber to its members. It is always a pleasure to work with her." Constituent, Entrepreneur, Chamber Board Member

"Angel possesses the ideal balance of political acumen with business intelligence. She's able to effectively serve the individuals of the community while ensuring her decisions fit with the goals and needs of the village as a whole." Constituent, Business Owner, Chamber Member

"I met Angel when she was a new Trustee at the Village of Winfield. M/I Homes was attempting to negotiate an acquisition of a distressed property in Winfield. She jumped right in and utilized her exceptional skills of negotiation showing she had a sincere desire to obtain results and to help navigate the process. Her assistance was instrumental in moving the project forward. Angel brings these exceptional skills in all aspects of her career and will be successful at anything she attempts."  Residential Home Developer

"Angel Oakley brought commitment, integrity, intelligence, and leadership to her role as Village Trustee. She was willing to make difficult choices, stand up for what she believed was right, and was dedicated to serving the people of Winfield first and foremost. Serving the public is a difficult and often thankless job, and Angel continually strived to give her best to our Village as a public servant." Constituent, Bank Officer

"I have worked with hundreds of municipal officials in my 15+ years of representing developers, land owners, and zoning applicants throughout DuPage, Kane, and Will Counties, and Angel is at the top of that list. She was always prepared, asked good questions, and never allowed emotion or politics to cloud the issues. She earned a solid reputation for building consensus and being a driving factor toward realistic solutions appropriate compromises, and, when appropriate, for being a lone voice of dissension. Municipalities need more officials like Angel." Constituent, Attorney

"Angel has been an exemplary neighbor and citizen of our Village of Winfield. She is very well informed on the current issues in our community and has invested significantly with her time and talents to make our Village a better place in which to live. She has much to offer.. many gifts and talents."  Constituent, Neighbor

"Angel is a go-getter that has been serving on the Alumni Board for the last two years.  While a Judson student, Angel served as her Cohort Class President, was on the Dean’s List, a member of Who’s Who, graduated Suma Cum Laude, and was inducted in Alpha Sigma Lambda.  As a mom of three small children, she has joined the Judson Alumni Board, started her own business, been involved as a change agent in her community, championed green initiatives, and been the poster child for multi-tasking.  Angel lets her passion and creativity move from ideas to implementation and involvement." Assoc. Director of Development Wheaton College

"Angel is a detail-oriented, goal-focused manager and an excellent representative of the people in the position of Village Trustee. She listens well, understands a broad viewpoint, and uses her experience as a busy mother and business manager to the advantage of our community. She is a long-time resident, interested in the betterment of all our lives. I can heartily recommend her as a Trustee to build a better Winfield." Constituent, Neighbor

"Angel, is enthusiastic in her pursuit towards improvement of her community and environment by contributing her time and energy. Angel is an asset to our business community and her help resolving local issues in invaluable." Constituent, President Winfield Chamber of Commerce

"Angel's unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit and corporate experience affords her a perspective not often found: she has the drive and creativity to think outside the box (or create a new box, if needed), complemented with the discipline and knowledge of how to get things done.
As I continue growing my newest business, I'm grateful for the support Angel has given my organization from inception through the early operational stages; we'll be a stronger, more successful organization as a result." Entrepreneur, Colleague

"During my time working with Angel, I found her to be enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and extremely collaborative." Insurance Executive, Colleague

"Angel is incredibly energetic, knowledgeable in all her business dealings, and constantly gives back to the community as a leader and volunteer. She encourages those around her to better themselves by suggesting groups to join and books to read. As a photographer, her work is beautiful and creative. She's easy to work with and always goes the extra distance to make sure everything is right. I recommend her highly." Constituent, Business Owner, Real Estate Agent, Chamber Member

"Angel is on task and detailed with all aspects of her business life. She works diligently to find the best solution for her clients/constituents. She is always upbeat and exudes great energy. I highly recommend anyone considering working with Angel!" Constituent, Business Owner, Chamber Member

"Angel is an extremely dynamic and capable professional. She has excellent marketing, management, and creative skills. She has a poised, warm and competent presentation and is received very well by all audiences within my scope of observation. I look forward to opportunities to work with her in the future." Constituent, Hospital Executive, Chamber Member

"I have known Angel in many capacities. She is a dedicated member of our alumni board at Judson University, an active member of the city of Winfield Board, and Principal at Unicatis Marketing. She is an expert in social media marketing applications and her lectures are well received in our community. Angel is a great resource of information, and her command of the German language is a great asset. I highly recommend her work and the energy and passion she brings to all the projects she works on. Constituent, Designer, University Colleague

"Angel brings exceptional commitment to everything she does and provides well-thought-out proposals to move goals forward. Her quest for all information surrounding the issues before her leads to more relevant conclusions than would otherwise be possible by those who assume answers. Angel brings energy, passion, and commitment to everything she does and deeply cares about the success of any project she is involved in." Constituent, Entrepreneur, Land Developer

"Angel provided me the opportunity to take ownership of a project and allowed me the flexibility to make adjustments and recommendations whenever necessary. Her open-door policy offered an excellent forum for creative ideas and constructive feedback. Regardless of the project/task assigned, she was always more than willing to jump in and assist in any way possible. Working for/with Angel was truly a rewarding experience." Employee