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  1. Restore and protect our Constitutional freedoms, and end the surveillance state. 
  2. Promote peace accords. End the wars, and refocus our military efforts on defending our homeland.
  3. Support and strengthen American families. Healthy families = healthy communities. 
  4. Support regenerative agriculture and permaculture, providing healthy affordable food to our communities. 
  5. Address the chronic disease epidemic in America, and provide preventative care. 
  6. Sensible Environmental Policies. Protect our natural resources and clean up toxic pollution in our soil, air, & water.
  7. Empower free market capitalism. End corporate capture, the corrupt merger of corporations and state powers. 
  8. Secure the border and support sensible immigration reform. 
  9. Education and service programs for our children and young adults.
  10. Cut inflation and housing costs, shrink the deficit, and reduce the debt burden on American families.

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